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At Mastermind, we can design your company Logo, Corporate Stationery, Brochure or newsletter - we can even offer a complete package, including print and delivery !

Allow us the opportunity of helping you with the following services...
1. Corporate identity Design
2. Product/Company Brochures
3. Letter Heads, Envelopes, Business Cards, Folders
4. Direct Mailers, Flyers, Post-cards
5. Annual Reports
6. POP Material design such as Posters, Stickers, Danglers, Labels
7. Calendar
8. Product Packaging Designs
9. Pre-press work & Photo Scanning

Corporate image is how a corporation is perceived in the eyes of its various audiences, while corporate identity is that part of its image which can be seen or heard. Every company needs to be seen it actually - Successful, innovative, a market leader and futuristic, with an international look. A planned corporate identity can project any company as a successful, innovative, a market leader scientific in temperament, futuristic, with an international look.

1. Reduce the cost of communication by standardising systems.
2. Make your audiences think of you as per your desired image.
3. Boost employees' confidence with an extra sense of pride and your
    organisation whereby raising their morale and efficiency.
4. Help attract the best brains to work for your company.
5. Helps influence legislators, professionals, bankers and possible
    investors favourably.
6. Help to intimidate the competition.

The wrong harmony, the inability to catch the consumer's attention, and you could kill the product. Everything depends on how the image is formed in the six inches of grey inside the common man's head. For here, is where the brand battle takes place.

To most people corporate identities either all look alike or appear abstract in their meaning & positions in the marketplace. At MASTERMIND we help companies use design as a vital strategic marketing tool to creativity communicate their message to the proper target audience.... without any questions.

We can design, print and deliver on a range of materials or based on your requirements at very competitive prices. For more details contact us.

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Advertising has come a long way from the simple sign on the bootmaker’s shop. Today it is a powerful device that announces the availability and location of products, expresses their quality and value, imbues brands with personality, and simultaneously defines the personality of the people who buy them. In turn, advertising itself is shaped by the technology used to convey its message-in other words, the medium and the message have become virtually inseparable.
Function & Effects of advertising as a marketing Tool.

1. To Identify products and differentiate them from others.
2. To communicate information about the product, its feature,
    and its location of sale.
3. To induce consumers to try new products and to suggest reuse.
4. To stimulate the distribution of a product.
5. To increase product use.
6. To build value. brand preference, and loyalty.
7. To lower the overall cost of sales.

We can design the advertisement layout and release it in Newspaper & Magazine all over INDIA. . For more details contact us.

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We have a Multi-colour offset printing unit under the name of X-press, here we provide the printing services to our customer.

Since 1994, we have created this global image through graphic and product packaging design. We approach the design of visual identity, packaging, sales & promotional materials with the intent to personalise your company or products image within it's market.

Today consumers are surrounded by a world of signs, In this cluttered visual environment, a sign-a composition of colour & form - strives to ''symbolise'' and communicate a brand, a product, an event, or a company message.

Determining the desired massage and developing a concise visual and verbal system to communicate that massage is the objective of a corporate identity programmed.


Well, we think, one of the best examples of perfect packaging design is the banana. The packaging of a banana is as original as it is appetizing. It fits easily in your hand and can be opened from either end. A ''green'' product par excellence - 100% biodegradable - it is truly a design ''evergreen". A perfect combination of timeless elegance and functional chic - and yet with a certain crazy charm. The design is so practical that even an ape can consume this product without getting sticky fingers. In short, there are few packs that have been so intelligently designed as banana.

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